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By DoooooomTrucking & Programming like a Trucker Engineer
June 26th 2010
A lot of graphics done the site is ripping along garbage is dropping points are being passed almost ready to send the site to the public to have them feast on it and turn it on its head. Right away we should be launching the site as a public beta to start seeing some bugs and iron out everything before we hard launch and really let loose.
By DoooooomNew Site, New Stuff and Readable
May 23rd 2010
Well the new site is up and working and if you dig deep enough you can read this. We have alot of wicked stuff coming for the end of the month and we hope to have this site up and running with most features by the end of June. We are thinking a soft launch at the end of this month. If you have a buddy check out or match making system it is up and running and you can play against each other right now. Its very basic but it works along with animations and scores.
By DoooooomBehind the curtain
March 22nd 2010
Animations are working now... but you can't see them... BUT SOON. We have alot of cool stuff working now and all acording to our master plan. We are hoping by the end of april to have a advanced game engine working.
March 17th 2010
The forum is now working. You can now post your topics and information to the forum by simply signing up and loggin in. Some forums are locked and wont let you post but that will change as time goes on and we further into development.
By DoooooomProgress & More Progress
February 27th 2010
You can now save your progress in puzzle mode. Simply signup for a user account and you will be able to track your completed puzzles. Major progress has come with our animation system and our forum. Over the next couple days you should see the forum come together. As we come closer to finishing the new jQuery version of the puzzle game we will keep you posted.
By DoooooomJquery & Beyond
February 22nd 2010
We have begun our progress towards a fully functional ajax system for the game and website. Jquery is now running in our system and has helped drasticly in the implementation of alot of features. The puzzle part of the game has started to be rewriten to incorperate an animation system and the full support of many boards on one screen. Hopefully by the end of febuary we should see something happening as far as animation goes.